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Hot Holiday Dresses for


The holiday season is fast approaching, and the same question is on every girl's mind: What to wear? Look no further than our Shopping section for the prettiest party dresses around!


Party-appropriate shoes

The hunt for the perfect holiday outfit has officially begun! If this announcement means endlessly trying on dress after dress, it ultimately also means searching for the essential complement to any frock: shoes. The right pair can take your look from so-last-year to belle-of-the-ball, while the wrong pair can turn your night into a nightmare.

Fashion advice: Slip on a lumberjack shirt over an ultra-fitted silhouette.

On those days when you don’t know what to wear, look to Nicky Hilton for inspiration. Why? Because she effortlessly borrows from the boys (the hunter, the military man) and always manages to make it look seriously sexy. The end result? A smokin’ outfit, even if it’s just for a quick convenience-store run. A pair of black leggings, a long and fitted top and a plaid button-down shirt are all you need to pull off this laid-back look. Don’t forget the combat boots (we’re head over heels for Nicky’s pointy-toed pair) and a carryall that’s roomy enough to store all your purchases. Finally, if you want to make sure all the paparazzi don’t spot you, wear your Wayfarers low down on your nose and you’re all set to go!