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About Us

Our Story

20 years ago, Moe Emady left Iran for Canada in hopes of finding greater opportunities. Having left his family behind, Moe found himself living in a foreign country all by himself. Seeking comfort in familiarity, he sought out to find the Persian community within the greater Vancouver area. He soon found out that the Persian community existing within the North Shore was the 2nd largest community of Persians in all of North America. With this discovery, he began collaborating with many local Persian-Canadian businesses.

It was at this point when Moe stumbled across a massive problem. He observed that even though the Persian community within the North Shore was large and influential, they were not being represented within the greater Vancouver area. He sought out to find within the community why this was the case. He discovered it was primarily because Persians did not have a media outlet that was adequately promoting their businesses, cultural events and traditions.

This prompted Moe to establish Daneshmand Magazine in 2006. The magazine named “The Scientist,” was designed to be completely dedicated to the growth of Persian culture through the provision of educated editorials in combination with promotional content for local Persian-Canadian businesses. Daneshmand provided a platform for professionals and consumers within the Persian community to interact with one another.

Upon inception, Daneshmand faced multiple obstacles. Not only were they new and relatively unknown but in 2008 they were hit very hard by the global financial crisis. Many of Daneshmand’s competitors went out of business and Daneshmand’s future hung in the balance. It was at that moment when Moe decided to set Daneshmand’s sights on differentiating themselves from all the other publications. They did this through providing compelling articles for the readers and designing creative promotional campaigns for local businesses. Going above and beyond for their clients coupled with unique and creative designs, Daneshmand survived the hard times and grew bigger than ever.

Today Daneshmand Magazine continues to be the largest Persian magazine in Canada. With its sister companies Salam Vancouver Magazine & Meta Marketing, they comprise the largest Persian-Canadian marketing company in all of Canada. The 2008 world financial crisis as well as the 2020 COVID pandemic were quite challenging but we managed to utilize them as an opportunity for Daneshmand to grow stronger. Today, both Moe and Daneshmand are in the best place yet and the best is still only to come.

Print Audience

50000 Persian, Afghans & Turks living and working in Greater Vancouver Along with millions online.

Digital Audience

100,000+ Persians, Afghans & Turks living across Canada.


Weekly, Every Friday.


Free for pickup every Friday morning at over 75 Centers around metro Vancouver. Including Vancouver, North Van, West Van, Downtown, Burnaby, Coquitlam, Richmond.


Technology, Medical Achievements, Nourishment, Canada, Entertainment, Psychology, Financial, art, Health, Science.


Our mission is shining a bright light on the Persian, Afghan, & Kurdish Communities through relevant content, business collaborations & cultural celebration.


Executive Team

Founder & CEO: Moe Emady

Executive Assistant: Sanaz Azhdari

Senior Developer: Sarva Bahrekazemi

Senior VP of Marketing: Mahyar Ajdari

Creative Director: Laleh Daniali

Senior Production Designer: Farnaz Hajivandi

Content Producer: Gelayol Rahmani

Social Media Strategist: Roshana Rostami

Distribution: Mojtaba Majidi

Photographer: Alireza Hassani

For more details on our publications please refer to the ISSN

ISSN 2816-6310 (Print)

ISSN 2816-6329 (Online)

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