Why Us

This is your town, your business, your community, your experience, your family . . .
This is your magazine.

Daneshmand Magazine is a weekly and free publication dedicated to Persian community and all Farsi-speaking residents and businesses of Vancouver, BC, Canada.

We also help the companies reach the right audience with the right message. We have an intuitive understanding of how to best position your product, service or company in order to secure attention and grow your business.

Daneshmand puts the needs of your business first, working with your budget and goals to ensure that your company sees significant return on investment and sustainable growth.

Our reliable and experienced team members keep you informed throughout the entire process, from starting steps to successful completion.

Our team has executed countless successful advertisements – 18,575 since 2006 to be exact – and is ready to put this experience and expertise to work for your company. We will work with you to build ads from creative concept through to web site, poster, logo and branding design.


Daneshmand magazine received different types of recognition: from House of Commons, local and international organizations over the years for its excellent editorial and design work. The recognition received from Andrew Saxton – MP of North Vancouver – affirms our position as the region’s Publisher of Choice.

– Order-in-Council notice of proclaiming Norouz as a special commemorative day in British Columbia – by Mr. Ralph Sultan, MLA of West Vancouver, Ottawa 2002.

– Certificate Of Appreciation – House of Commons by Mr. Andrew Saxton, MP of North Vancouver, Ottawa 2009.

Our Team:

With our experienced consultants and skilled experts on marketing, business planning and information technology, Daneshmand has set its goal to elevate the level of information among the Persian community.

Daneshmand articles are mainly focused on different topics including but not limited to: Technology, Medical Achievements, Nourishment, Canada news, Entertainment, Psychology, Financial, art, fashion, Health and Science. Through this venue, Daneshmand empowers its audience to establish a better communication channel with different media. This mutual relationship also helps other businesses to generate a residual revenue stream through their contribution with other public media and Daneshmand audience.

With a team of highly educated and highly qualified writers, journalists, layout designers, graphic designers, marketers, advertising consultants and reporters, “Daneshmand” is now offering one of the most successful and growing publications in Canada.
Our commitment to our clients are the highest level of service, advanced technology and competitive pricing.